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a resource for people with ia and other mast cell disorders

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I hope that the organization of this site will be fairly self-explanatory. The menu bar across the top of each page allows you to navigate among the broad sections of the site quickly. The left-hand side buttons enable you to navigate within the topics contained in the section selected on the menu bar.

Important note

To view and navigate properly through this Web site, you need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser's Preferences.

Rather than offering a glossary section, I have tried to make explanatory material immediately available. Wherever you see a word or words in bold, turquoise-blue type, if you place your cursor over the word, a short definition will appear next to it in italics and parentheses. Here is an example: colophon (a page, usually placed at the end of a book, that provides information about how the book was produced). Notice that as soon as you move your cursor off the word, the definition disappears.

It is my hope that this system will provide immediate assistance that will help make even medical terminology a little less daunting to the casual reader.

Wherever you see the word “Reference” standing by itself, in bold, if you place your cursor over the word, a shortened version of the reference for that particular paragraph or assertion will appear. Example: Reference [Akin C, Scott LM, et al. Demonstration of an aberrant mast-cell population with clonal markers.... Blood. 2007;110(7):2331–3.]. If you then click on the word “Reference,” you will be taken to that specific full citation within this web site’s Reference section. So, for a quick peek at the citation for a particular piece of information, simply place your cursor over “Reference,” but if you would like to see or copy the specific reference, click on it.

Note also that in cases in which an article or information is freely available online, I have placed a link to it from the full citation in the References section.

To increase the accessibility of this Web site, none of the type sizes are fixed. You can use your Web browser’s commands to make the text larger or smaller until you find the size that is most comfortable for you to read.

In the right-hand column on most pages you will find a list of Links that are relevant to the information on that page. Most of these links are to other web sites, and of course, any reference to any particular web site or group is not intended to imply — in any way, shape or form — that the group or entity in any way approves — or is even aware — of this site. Links are provided only for informational purposes and as a convenience to the site visitor.

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Page last updated: January 18, 2012

All information contained in this site is one layperson's interpretation of medical journal articles, textbooks, seminars, presentations, and other materials. Nothing that is stated here should carry more weight than the informed and considered opinions of your own highly trained and qualified medical caregivers. The author of this site is not a doctor and has absolutely no authority to prescribe or diagnose.

The idiopathic anaphylaxis information center: A resource for people with IA and other mast cell disorders
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